The Iron Giant

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> Hmmm.  Here's what the IMDB says about it.   There's some confusion about
> the budget, or maybe some creative accounting going on.  However, if the
> budget was $70M, they still made $10M worldwide.

IMDB also links to news items , such as:

The Iron Giant Produces A Thud
30 August 1999 (StudioBriefing)
Warner Bros. execs are expressing dismay over the failure of Iron Giant, The
(1999) to attract an audience, despite loud protests by parents and
politicians over the lack of family films. The animated film, which opened
to largely favorable reviews, has grossed only $18.9 million in three
weekends. Today's (Monday) USA Today quoted Lorenzo Di Bonaventura, Warner's
president of production, as saying: "People always say to me, 'Why don't you
make smarter family movies?' ... The lesson is: Every time you do, you get

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