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> Question...
> Are you considering a 'thank you' sign?
> As I wrote, I've always wanted to do that.
> In Philly in '96, someone brought in a HUGE sign that simply read "Thank
> You."
> Before the encore, Pete stopped and looked at it for a good spell, it
> got up on the screens, and then he stated in the mic. "That's really
> nice to see, thank you so much.  Thank you, that's sooooo nice." and put
> his hand to his heart. 
> It was a very cool moment for everyone there.
> You must communicate with them in some way!  Don't let the opportunity
> pass you by!

You know Kevin, I partied with that guy and his wife before the Philly show. 
Wish I could remember names better, very nice people. They also had a sign 
that read "Thank you Pino." They had front row seats, he was so excited, she 
could have cared less..haha. I would have  gave anything for those seats and she 
didn't even want to be there.
I am doing a sign, just haven't decided what to do yet. I figure I will never 
have front row seats again, so I have to let them know I am there! I hope I 
don't end up on a video somewhere being a fool, but then again who cares, it's 
a once in a lifetime shot.
Just please, everyone remember me now...before I make a total fool of myself 

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