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> > Actually, the original Hebrew means something like
>"ritually impure," NOT unclean.  The mistranslation,
>sometimes deliberate, gives the impression that a
>woman who is niddah (menstruating) is dirty, but
> > that's not the case at all.  She's just at a
>different spiritual level.  The laws surrounding this
>(taharat hamishpacha, or family purity) are very
>interesting and beautiful; it's a pity so many people
>misunderstand them.
>What about these:
>If a woman has borne a man child, she shall be unclean
>for seven days, and she is separated for her
>infirmity.  She shall continue in the blood of her
>purifying 33 days; she shall touch no hollowed thing,
>nor come into the sanctuary, until the days  of her
>purifying be fulfilled. - Leviticus 12
>But if she has borne a maid child, then she shall be
>unclean 66 days, and she must then make a sin offering
>as an atonement for bearing a female. - Leviticus 12
>A woman is unclean until evening after engaging in the
>sex act.  She must bathe. - Leviticus 15
>After sexual intercourse with a menstruating woman, a
>man is unclean for seven days.  So is the bed. -
>Leviticus 15
>(The *bed,* too, is at a "different spiritual level?"
>- Schrade)
>A woman is unclean if she has any bleeding after
>menstruation.  Seven days of separation are required
>to cleanse her, after the bleeding stops.  Furniture
>she sits upon is unclean, & so is anyone who touches
>that furniture.  That person must bathe & wash his
>clothes.  The offending woman must make a sin
>offering. - Leviticus 15

I think I remember reading abot different teachings in the Bible, and while 
they sound  steeped in religious meaning, there's actually health 
implications for the various scripture passages, ie trying to limit the 
possibility infections or spreading of bacteria. There's also various 
dietary implications in some scriptures (Ezekial bread).


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