Where's the bass?

Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
Fri Jul 2 06:32:54 CDT 2004

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> With John on bass, there was more bass sound at the shows than on the cds.

But they were different CDs.  Were these comments about bootleg or official
releases (where the sound is re-mixed).  John didn't play on any of these
Encore soundboard releases, right?

> Now, folks are reporting more bass on the cds than at the shows.  What

There absolutely is on this Mansfield disc.  Not that the bass is loud on
the disc, just a little more noticeable.  At the show it was actually
difficult to hear the MG bass runs.

> Is it just that the folks who are up front are used to hearing John from
> stage and now Pino is coming through the PA?

Well, I was in the middle third of the seating, a little bit forward and
right of center.  If I couldn't hear the bass from where I was, neither
could 80% of the house.  But then, you know what?  The whole show wasn't
that loud.  I hadn't been to a show in a long time, but this was definitely
not as loud as they used to be.  Having said that, I had no trouble hearing
Pete, Roger, Zak, Rabbit and even Simon's strummings.  Roger's guitar on EF
was loud, by comparison.  The only one that was hard to distinguish was

Jim M

PS I've just noticed that your e-mail must mean "parakeets", 'cause your
name is Bird.  Talk about sloooooow.  I always wondered, why do they call
her "keets"?  Duh!

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