Where's the bass?

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 1 22:22:14 CDT 2004

>>But what do I know?  You forget, I've never seen The  Who live."

>Aha!  The monitors must put out more bass than the PA.

I know Jon was joking about this, but here's a review of the Mansfield 
Encore cd from alt.music.who.  As I understand it, these cds are just what 
goes through the soundboard, and the effect we're getting is just the 
opposite of when The Ox was playing.  With John on bass, there was more bass 
sound at the shows than on the cds.  Now, folks are reporting more bass on 
the cds than at the shows.  What gives?

Is it just that the folks who are up front are used to hearing John from the 
stage and now Pino is coming through the PA?

>Yep- I agree! Just got it yesterday and rocked it out in the car on the
way to work. Sound is great on this disk- Roger sounds awesome and up
front, Pete is incredible. And yes, you can actually hear the bass
(unlike at the show). Some people complained of sound problems at the
show- where I sat it sounded incredible (except for the bass). It was
screaming, ferocious, and just perfect. I love it that they are doing
this- and it is a nice package. And for charity no less!


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