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Thu Jul 1 09:40:25 CDT 2004

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> > FYI,
> >
> > They're not mixing anything on the encore CD's, they pull the sound
> > straight off of the soundboard and give you the sound as it sounded live,
> > unedited.
>Good point.  It must be the way they mixed it at the venue.  All of the 2002
>Encores I got have some unbalance or other, such as unusually loud or soft
>vocals.  This one sounds much more professional.
> > The only encore CD that will be mixed will be the Cardiff one,
> > because that one will be broadcasted by the BBC.
>So Cardiff and IOW were filmed (taped?) for TV?  Does anyone else smell a

Cardiff was taped for BBC Radio.

>I'm listenening to it here at work and I've noticed a couple of funny
>things.  They were having some problems with the sound.  At the beginning of
>MB Pete's complaining he can't hear the "clicky things."  Just then you can
>hear someone in the crowd yell, very clearly, "Happy Birthday motherfucker!"
>Then, in the middle of the song, when Roger sings, "I want it, I want it, I
>want it."  Pete replies in a fed-up tone, "Fine!"

IOW's highlights where broadcasted on Channel 4.


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