Encore! Encore!

Bjorn Ciggaar ciggaar at warande.net
Thu Jul 1 07:45:01 CDT 2004


They're not mixing anything on the encore CD's, they pull the sound 
straight off of the soundboard and give you the sound as it sounded live, 
unedited. The only encore CD that will be mixed will be the Cardiff one, 
because that one will be broadcasted by the BBC.

At 06:16 1-7-2004, you wrote:

>I just got my Encore CD of the Mansfield show.  First impression is that 
>it is much better produced than the 2002 CDs.  The packaging folds out and 
>there's a track listing on the sleeve.  It seems to sound better, more 
>polished than the 2002 discs I have, too.  The mix is good with a good 
>balance between vocals, drums, guitar.  I'll have to listen on a better 
>system, but that's a first impression.
>Jim M
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