Is it just me?

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Jul 1 00:10:41 CDT 2004

>>she said they have a recognizable falling three chord cadence that tags 
music.  Presumably this is Pete's compositions, which are most often heard.
Anybody else notice this?

>It is definitely a Who chord progression, but it may be a 4 chord
cadence.   C - G - Am - F is the main progression.

Since she plays percussion, I think she's talking about rhythm rather than a 
chord progression.  The cadence I think about right away is the one that 
starts "Baba O'Riley," but I hadn't noticed that they repeat this kind of 
thing in other songs.  Maybe so.

She loved the lyrics to RGLB, BTW.  She says it "soooo typical" of musicians 
to check their rock star image in the mirror.  Also, she wanted to know who 
the woman is Pete's talking about in the song.


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