TOMMY (deluxe edition) Deterioration +

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Wed Dec 29 09:26:09 CST 2004

Hello all ,
               Just reporting that my copy of TOMMY (DE) Polydor 9861011 is deteriorating , first of all "see me feel me/ listening to you " started to jump and skip all over the place and now it`s effecting "we`re not gonna take it" , it looks like a stain growing (or eating away the silver layer) from the outside edge to the center ! I have not played the SACD mode yet and don`t know if it is effected . Disc 2 is now starting to show the same growth (or stain) but so far still plays fine !
My Geffen copy of the album also still plays fine , i do not think it is a problem with moisture build up as none of my other cd`s are effected nor has it been mistreated in anyway ! Has anyone else this problem?


I just picked up a copy of LIVE AT LEEDS (DE) on Polydor 112 618-2 in a digi-pak same as the U.S. M.C.A. 2001 version and it`s pudlish 2002 and made in the E.U. (probably german)

thanks for any info

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