Administrivia:'s mailing lists are moving

Paul M. Moriarty pmm at
Tue Dec 28 14:19:43 CST 2004


We are approaching our 12th year of providing you with your mailing list.

In the coming weeks, the mailing lists will be moving to a new server.
The server is moving (virtually) from my home office to a dedicated colo
facility (which should return some of my bandwidth on my home link :).

The change should be transparent once it is finished (i.e., you won't
have to do anything different), but there may be a bump or two in the
road along the way.  There are a few of you who are helpful in pointing
out technical anomalies when the occur (you know who you are).  If you
could keep your eyes open for the next, say, 2 weeks, I'd appreciate it.

Happy New Year to you all!

- Paul -

Mailing List Maintainer @

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