Who Christmas Party in London

Scott Schrade schrade at akrobiz.com
Sun Dec 26 13:28:58 CST 2004

> > I love this time of year mostly because up here
> > in the Northern hemisphere, the Earth's axis is
> > continuing its tilt back towards the Sun.

Gotta love planet Earth.  And it's even more amazing to think that
the tilt which gives us the seasons was probably caused by a massive
collision back in Earth's early history.  Maybe the same one which
spewed so much debris into space that it formed our good buddy
the Moon.

> Damn it, Schrade!!!!!!!!   GIVE US OUR SNOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> What the hell you gonna do with it over there in flat-ville?

Flat-ville has been transformed!  It's filled with icy snow mounds!
Biggest snow storm to hit around here in many, many years.  A huge
dumping of snow; followed by loads of freezing rain; and bookended
by another big snow fall.

But driving to my parents' house on Christmas morning yesterday
was surreal.  The sun was bright in the sky, illuminating the ice on all 
the tree branches, making each tree shimmer with a natural tinsel-like 
sparkle of colors.  And the giant pines with huge frozen clumps of snow 
weighing down their branches......  A painter couldn't have imagined
a more breathtaking Winter scene.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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