Pete Interview on R&R Circus

Joe Lewinski lewinski at
Sun Dec 26 05:36:54 CST 2004

I received the Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus
as a gift from my wife (lovely lady, she is).

I kept sneaking away to watch the Pete interview
so I saw it in segments and had reviewed sections
several times before completing it.

As Schrade commented many months ago, Pete is
kind of scratching himself at several points (sometimes
with his arm under his shirt).  If this were Gywen Stephanie
it would have been quite erotic.    I'm not really made uncomfortable
by Pete doing this, but it just reminds us that Pete is
a complete natural in his interviewee role, and I think that
he uses this opportunity to conduct a sort of catharsis
where he hits on a few of his crusades.  One of them
being to put the story of A Quick One in context of
child abuse, and to completely promote the Stones and
Mick to apparently soften the blow of The Who's impact
on the show - which he barely addresses other than the
fact that he is in The Who and wrote the song...

My sense coming away from this interview is that Pete
feels ripped off that he is not recognized enough as a
solo artist, and this has colored his entire career.

The part where Yoko is singing like a baby seal being
burgeoned is really sad.    I find it pathetic that she
was tolerated around all of this talent.    We can all
thank our lucky stars that none of The Who's entourage
forced or injected themselves into the limelight the way
this self-promoting, no talent did.   That topic would
dominate threads every week.

Joe in Philly 

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