Who Christmas Party in London

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Fri Dec 24 15:34:57 CST 2004

   Camden huh ...thats was fun wasn't it!!! Can't wait to see you guys again!
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> >Joe Lewinski 
> >Who Christmas Party in London 
> > 
> >Rabbit looks good. Perhaps he's worked out the 
> >issue with his ears. 
> > 
> >Roger looks good too. Not at all *womanly*, 
> >as Tony Fletcher's book might have suggested. 
> Roger's expression looks like he thinks Rabbit is crazy. 
> Rabbit's expression looks......well..... 
> ....crazy! 
> >I love this time of year mostly because up here 
> >in the Northern hemisphere, the Earth's axis is 
> >continuing its tilt back towards the Sun. 
> >Sunlight is such a boost to my mood! 
> Uh oh.... 
> Joe Philly's got some 'S.A.D' going on. 
> Try living up here in VT in November! 
> Cloudiest month of the year......like no sunshine at all. 
> Plus, all the leaves are down. 
> We pray for snow to whiten things up! 
> And wouldn't ya know..... 
> The one year we stand up to our families and refuse to drive South for Da 
> Holidaze, and we get hit with torrential rain that's taking all of our snow. 
> Damn it, Schrade!!!!!!!! GIVE US OUR SNOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
> What the hell you gonna do with it over there in flat-ville? 
> >Happy Holidays to all of Whoville, and to the 
> >World at LARGE. 
> And to a good guy living in Philly, named Joe. 
> Kevin in VT 
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