Who Christmas Party in London

Jim M NakedI at comcast.net
Fri Dec 24 07:31:19 CST 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "L. Bird"

>>>I am not sure who's home that is, but off to the left under the picture 
>>>is a piece of art that looks as if it spells: PETE.  If that's Pete's 
>>>place, I wonder if he will sell that leopard-skin pillow.

>>This is most likely The Who Group offices in London.

>Most people are taking this for Pete's house.  Someone at Soho Doorway said 
>they saw the star light fixture in the hallway during the TV coverage from 
>his arrest.  They suggested The Who might be using Pete's studio to record.

If we're taking bets, I'll join the Pete's house side of the wager.  The 
view out of the window, open sky over trees or bushes, certainly could be 
Richmond Hill.  Plus, I gave him that yellow Dustbuster for his birthday and 
I'd be very pissed off if he re-gifted it.  Does anyone know who the woman 
in the framed Rainbow photo is?

Unfortunately, it looks like the camera focused on that light fixture you 
mentioned.  If Pete took the picture, his eyesight is worse than his 

Jim M 

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