L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 23 19:14:44 CST 2004

>>I didn't get that vibe.  I saw them in Cleveland.

>How close were you?  I ended up side stage and close enough to read their
expressions very clearly.  It wasn't a completely comfortable vibe.  I got
the DVD today, so I'll have a look at it this week some time and see how it

I watched a bit of this today, and I don't get the same vibe I got live in 
Atlanta.  So far it looks very comfortable, but all they've done is sing.  
As usual, the editors have cut out the gaps between songs, which is where 
you see the interactions.  I'm disappointed that Pino doesn't seem to have 
played at this concert.  The bass is VERY prominent.  I've had to fiddle 
with the bass knob on my system.


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