Who Christmas Party in London

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Thu Dec 23 18:19:07 CST 2004

>Joe Lewinski
>Who Christmas Party in London
>Rabbit looks good.  Perhaps he's worked out the
>issue with his ears.
>Roger looks good too.  Not at all *womanly*,
>as Tony Fletcher's book might have suggested.

Roger's expression looks like he thinks Rabbit is crazy.
Rabbit's expression looks......well.....

>I love this time of year mostly because up here
>in the Northern hemisphere, the Earth's axis is
>continuing its tilt back towards the Sun.
>Sunlight is such a boost to my mood!

Uh oh....
Joe Philly's got some 'S.A.D' going on.
Try living up here in VT in November!
Cloudiest month of the year......like no sunshine at all.
Plus, all the leaves are down.
We pray for snow to whiten things up!

And wouldn't ya know.....
The one year we stand up to our families and refuse to drive South for Da
Holidaze, and we get hit with torrential rain that's taking all of our snow.
Damn it, Schrade!!!!!!!!   GIVE US OUR SNOW BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What the hell you gonna do with it over there in flat-ville?

>Happy Holidays to all of Whoville, and to the
>World at LARGE.

And to a good guy living in Philly, named Joe.
<was checking out Camden 2002 photos this morning.>

Kevin in VT

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