Another Rabbit message

Bruce bkawak at
Thu Dec 23 17:33:50 CST 2004

> Rabbit has another message up, but this one looks like an ad.  Anybody 
> know what it's about?

That's Free guitarist Paul Kossof.  He was a great guitar player but had 
drug problems that eventually killed him.  The Bad Company (which include a 
couple ex-bandmates) song Shooting Star is about him.

Rabbit was in the Free side project band Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, and Rabbit 
then he joined a short lived reunited version of Free.  Kossoff then formed 
a solo band Backstreet Crawler but died of an overdose in 1976.  The band 
renamed itself Crawler added Geoff Whitehorn (Who MSG '96) on guitar and 
Rabbit for a couple of albums.  Then in '79 Rabbit joined some band of old 
farts named The Who. :)


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