Roger Top 25 (but he's no Madonna)

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Dec 23 11:35:38 CST 2004

Here's the Blender article.  Roger comes in at number 15:

15. Roger Daltrey
We Won’t be Fooled Again
Day job: Dorian Gray–like lead singer of the Who

But on screen: Made an appropriately glassy-eyed screen debut as a deaf, 
dumb and blind kid in Tommy in 1975. He’s gradually added “mugging” and 
“shouting” and “looking like a formaldehyde-preserved drag queen” to his 
thespian repertoire.

Worst moment: Vampirella (30th min.): Daltrey sports a horrendous mullet and 
fangs as Vlad, an evil vampire from outer space. As he and the titular 
Vampirella are captured by vampire hunters, Vlad backhands her and sneers, 
“You set me up, you bitch!"

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