Who Christmas Party in London

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu Dec 23 07:41:42 CST 2004

 >  Rabbit is getting to be downright reliable to keep up posted with news:


I am not sure who's home that is, but off to the
left under the picture is a piece of art that
looks as if it spells: PETE.    If that's Pete's
place, I wonder if he will sell that leopard-skin

Rabbit looks good.  Perhaps he's worked out the
issue with his ears.

Roger looks good too.  Not at all *womanly*,
as Tony Fletcher's book might have suggested.

The Whos in Whoville look to be in good cheer.

I love this time of year mostly because up here
in the Northern hemisphere, the Earth's axis is
continuing its tilt back towards the Sun.

Sunlight is such a boost to my mood!

Happy Holidays to all of Whoville, and to the
World at LARGE.

Joe in Philly 

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