L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 23:18:30 CST 2004

>also, i'm pretty sure that if there was tension somehow in 2003, they
wouldn't tour again in 2004. if they wanted to make money, well, garfunkel 
is always
touring as a solo artist and simon, well, it seems he makes money just
recording and producing which is what he's been doing lately I hear.

I'm just speculating, of course, but what I think is going on is that Paul 
Simon is very ill, and Art Garfunkel has swallowed all of that old 
bitterness for the last chance to get back together with him.  I don't know 
if Simon just has habits of speech that are offensive, or if he really means 
to push Art's buttons, but whatever, he still does it.

One reason for the big band is to give the music a harder rock sound, but 
also it covers the fact that Simon can't play well enough to support the act 
any more.  He did sing very well, and the harmony was good.  He visibly 
flubbed the lyrics only once, but he has no expression and he looks drunk.  
If he's not ill, then he's heavily drugged.  Nobody has heard a peep about 
his health, right?


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