L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 22:58:21 CST 2004

>I didn't get that vibe.  I saw them in Cleveland.

How close were you?  I ended up side stage and close enough to read their 
expressions very clearly.  It wasn't a completely comfortable vibe.  I got 
the DVD today, so I'll have a look at it this week some time and see how it 

>And while they may
not be buddy-buddy the way they were in the '60s, I saw two aging,
wonderful artists who had decided that their prominent & public
feuding had grown pointless.

I'll agree to that.  They certainly got it under control enough to produce a 
wonderful tour.

>Much like two other aging rock stars in a band called The Who.
Surely, Keets, you don't think recent Who DVDs have been edited
to make it look like Roger & Pete are getting on better than they
would have us believe?

No, but then, I've seen them live from fairly close, too.  Close enough to 
see their expressions clearly.  ;)


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