Fallout Shelter, SG Pickups

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Wed Dec 22 13:37:07 CST 2004

Jim wrote:

 >The most obvious reference to The Who I've been able to justify, and
weakly at that, is the line, "not a word was spoken, all the churchbells
were broken".  I conveniently associate the broken churchbells with the
smashed instruments at the end of a Who concert.

 >A long shot I know.  But the "fallout shelter" reference is quite
interesting too; I never made that association before.  It's a bit of a
stretch, but I like it!


I like the churchbells reference too.   I wonder if the Byrds every
played a gig with The Who.   I don't know the lineup from Monterey
or Woodstock, but I suppose the Byrds could have been there.

By the way, is your SG a 2 or 3 pickup model?   I notice Pete's from
different pictures looking like it has 3 pickup banks.   An I seeing
that right?

Joe in Philly

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