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L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 22 00:16:29 CST 2004

>>It's a shame to spend most of your life hating someone you should love.

>quite the contrary! I picked up the DVD and I think it's one of the most
spectacular concert DVDs i've ever seen. simon was just joking there about 
that he
and garfunkel don't argue anymore, now they just say, "hey, that's your
opinion, and I respect that". wish I could've attended one of those shows.
the everly brothers.. y know, they were the first music I ever loved and
listened to (next to motown stuff), I was 3 years old, I had their reunion 
on tape and I played it like every day, I had a toy guitar and would play 
sing along with every song. I learned how to sing "bye bye Love" etc. before
I learned how to sing the alphabet. and to then see them alongside another 
i'm a big fan of, was quite emotional for me to say the least.

I've got the DVD on my Christmas list, but I don't see any packages under 
Santa's tree that look like a DVD, so I might have to go out and buy it for 
myself.  I'm sorry you didn't make it to a live show.  I drove six hours to 
Atlanta for it and six back, and paid for two set of tickets because the 
first order got lost.  (Always check with Ticketmaster BEFORE driving six 
hour to make sure your Will Call tix will actually be there.)  However, it 
was worth every minute of the trouble.  They had a big band to back them up, 
including The Who's favorite bass player, and it was great to hear the songs 
with fuller music behind them.  Affluent audience--there were several fur 
coats in the audience, which I thought was a bit odd for a rock concert in 
Phillips Arena--not something I would wear, myself.  Anyhow, I yelled at 
Pino and afterward they introduced him.  Interesting when your sessions man 
bass player has his own fan base, eh?

They said something like "Welcome to all of you Atlanta people," apparently 
unaware that I had driven all that way.  The folks next to me had flown in 
from PA.  I dunno if there were any Atlanta residents there at all.  ;)

>I was just happy to see S&G together again and to see that their friendship
did mend after all these years. they kept praising each other and 
i'm sure they're friends again. if they're not, well, at least they got 

I dunno.  I suspect your DVD may be edited to make them look friendlier than 
they seemed at the Atlanta show.  My first set of tickets would have been 
out front, but after the SNAFU, I tired again and got tix off to the side 
but really close so I could see their expressions.  I'm not sure what to 
think of Paul Simon these days, as he looks really sick to me.  He slurs his 
words and can't play guitar very well.  His illness could affect the way his 
says things, but when he said something similar to the above, Garfunkel 
didn't take it very well--appeared to bite his tongue.  My impression was 
that their friendship hasn't mended at all.

>just thought i'd share that with ya. ; )

Thanks!  I was really excited about the concert at the time, and I couldn't 
get anybody to share it with me.  :/

>PS: another great live DVD i've seen: the stray cats "rumble in brixton".

No opinion.  I have no idea who the Stray Cats are.  You'll have to 
enlighten me.


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