Eminence Front as a Punk Song

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> That WAS a pretty frosty tour last year, wasn't it?  I was hoping they had 
> come to terms with their problems, but apparently not.  It's a shame to 
> spend most of your life hating someone you should love.

quite the contrary! I picked up the DVD and I think it's one of the most 
spectacular concert DVDs i've ever seen. simon was just joking there about that he 
and garfunkel don't argue anymore, now they just say, "hey, that's your 
opinion, and I respect that". wish I could've attended one of those shows. 
the everly brothers.. y know, they were the first music I ever loved and 
listened to (next to motown stuff), I was 3 years old, I had their reunion concert 
on tape and I played it like every day, I had a toy guitar and would play and 
sing along with every song. I learned how to sing "bye bye Love" etc. before 
I learned how to sing the alphabet. and to then see them alongside another duo 
i'm a big fan of, was quite emotional for me to say the least. 
I was just happy to see S&G together again and to see that their friendship 
did mend after all these years. they kept praising each other and everything. 
i'm sure they're friends again. if they're not, well, at least they got paid. 

just thought i'd share that with ya. ; )

PS: another great live DVD i've seen: the stray cats "rumble in brixton". 

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