Eminence Front as a Punk Song

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> Actually, I think he classified RGLB is an example of "angst" and "Sister 
> Disco" as "pissed off."  However, he has placed "Eminence Front" squarely 
> into the punk genre.  I'm tempted to agree, even though I think it's a jazz 
> beat and very late in The Who's career to be producing punk.  I'm sure they 
> thought they were a long way from punk at that point.
well... I dunno. in the words of paul simon about not arguing with garfunkel, 
"hey, that's your opinion, and I...respect that". 

It has to do with the attitude expressed. I know we've dissected this song 
before without agreement. Mark thinks it's a sunny invitation to party. 
Now here's somebody that says it's a punk statement. What do you think? Is 
that a punk attitude or not?

"come and join the party, dress yourself to kill". not sure on that one..

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