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Bruce bkawak at
Tue Dec 21 22:30:53 CST 2004

> It's true this may be a marketing scheme similar to re-mastering, but 
> otherwise I'd say he's suffering from Pete's malady, that is to rework old 
> stuff rather than to publish new.  ;)

I was joking but apparently there is enough demand for a 2nd paperback 

> Updates on The Who, do you think?  Or on Moon?

I guess Moon it's not a Who book.  I think he said it could have been 1,000 
page book if he put in everything.  Ask him:  He has a forum there where he posts often.

>>He removed some things for the US version that Roger didn't like.
> Hmmm.  Obviously I've bought the wrong edition.  ;)

A friend of mine got me the UK edition at the book launch in London (months 
before the US ed.) and got it signed by Tony, Kit Moon, and some of the 
Beachcombers.  I got my US copy for $10 as my reading copy.

>> What did Fletcher take out?  Can you give a quickie synopsis?

Quotes from Karl Green about the Hermits tour.


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