Eminence Front as a Punk Song

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 22:19:38 CST 2004

>I don't think this person knows what real punk is. the who were the
originators of punk, no doubt about it, but RGLB? "eminence front"? "sister 

Actually, I think he classified RGLB is an example of "angst" and "Sister 
Disco" as "pissed off."  However, he has placed "Eminence Front" squarely 
into the punk genre.  I'm tempted to agree, even though I think it's a jazz 
beat and very late in The Who's career to be producing punk.  I'm sure they 
thought they were a long way from punk at that point.

It has to do with the attitude expressed.  I know we've dissected this song 
before without agreement.  Mark thinks it's a sunny invitation to party.  
Now here's somebody that says it's a punk statement.  What do you think?  Is 
that a punk attitude or not?


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