L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 20:46:15 CST 2004

>Frankly having seen The Who several times including with KM and their last
tour in America, I don't think Roger's voice is what it once was, he could
probably handle some of the lower scale stuff but on stage they have much 
vocalists that can handle just about anything.  They do have some songs in 
range and it would certainly be an entertaining show.

I'll have to catch the tour next year, as I think it's a bit late to make 
travel plans now.  They're not coming anywhere near me.

I've been listening to their Cds, though, and they have the opposite problem 
that The Who has with producing theirs--most of their vocalists have voices 
too thin for the music.  The stripped down Who doesn't usually generate that 
live power in the studio, so their problem is how to match thinner music 
with Roger's huge voice.

I haven't heard TSO live, but it just struck me that it might be a good 
match.  What the heck, write or arrange some songs in Roger's range.


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