Trans-Siberian Orchestra

GLoduca at GLoduca at
Tue Dec 21 20:33:49 CST 2004

Yes, a huge TSO fan.  Saw them live last Friday night at the Palace in Auburn 
Hills.  12,000 people so there are a lot of fans out there.  If you ever get 
the chance to see this group live do it.  An awesome show, and their non 
Christmas stuff was as good if not better then the Christmas portion of the show.  
As musicians they are among the finest you will ever see.  A state of the art 
light show, lasers, snow machines and pyro technics.    

Frankly having seen The Who several times including with KM and their last 
tour in America, I don't think Roger's voice is what it once was, he could 
probably handle some of the lower scale stuff but on stage they have much younger 
vocalists that can handle just about anything.  They do have some songs in his 
range and it would certainly be an entertaining show.   

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