Punk and Other Genre Songs by The Who

L. Bird pkeets at hotmail.com
Tue Dec 21 08:50:06 CST 2004

There's a question posed on alt.music.who about The Who as father's of punk. 
  Here's a list of songs one poster submitted.  Look what brings up the tail 
of the list?  "Eminence Front" is pretty late in The Who's career for a punk 
song, and the beat is jazzy, but there it is in the list.  So, is this guy 
right?  Does it express enough punk sentiment to be called punk?


>I'm interested in everyones opinion on what you think the most punk,angst 
>pissed off songs are by The Who?

The ones that come to my mind are
My Generation-punk
The Quiet One-pissed off
Slip Kid-punk
The Real Me-punk, angst
Behind Blue Eyes-punk, angst
Sister Disco-pissed off
Real Good Looking Boy-angst
However Much I Booze-angst
I Can't Explain-angst
I Can See For Miles-pissed off
Eminence Front-punk, pissed off

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