Eh, I dunno what this is.

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Sun Dec 19 20:05:08 CST 2004

It looks to be a humor site.  Whatever, this struck me as funny.

Pete Townsend Arrested
The Who Will Tour as Planned with Contest Winner to Play Guitar

"We love Pete, but you know this is a business," said Roger Daltrey, 
legendary lead singer of The Who. "We realise Petey is caught up in some 
muckety muck right now, but we can't cancel the tour. We already printed up 
the tee shirts." The Who also continued with their tour plans when their 
long-time bassist John Entwistle inconveniently died at the beginning of 
their 2002 U.S. road trip.

Hearing rumors that Townshend would be detained by authorities for child 
pornography related charges, the band's manager, Lord Alfred P. Mountbatten 
IV, had the foresight to post a "Play Guitar with The Who" contest on their 
website this past December. This proved to be a wise move. "We know Peter 
will be found innocent of this beastly behaviour and we fully support him. 
But just in case… we found a brilliant little guitarist who is ready to go 
with the new tour!" said an elated Mountbatten.

The winner, Raj Sarathy, a guitar teacher from Jaipur India, was very 
excited to learn that he has been upgraded from rhythm to lead guitar. "I am 
pleased to be so happy with this fortunate position. I just love the 
'Jumping Jack Flash' and 'Satisfaction.' I am ready to rock in a splendid 
yet respectful fashion."

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