Daltrey and Who promo only ceiling mobiles for sale

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Sat Dec 18 13:52:44 CST 2004

Hello and Happy Holidays,

I have two very rare promo only ceiling mobiles from MCA Records for sale.  
As follows:


When the 1978 "Who Are You" album from The Who was issued by MCA Records, 
their promotions department made up a limited number of ceiling mobiles that were 
to be given to record stores.  This was to help promote the album upon its 

The record stores would get these in, assemble them (they were shipped 
disassembled) and then hang them up on their ceilings for a time.  Not all stores 
were on the list for these promotional items, which were usually sent to the 
bigger chain stores first.  Not that many were ever made - probably 1000 or less. 
 Not many of these survive today.

This ceiling mobile comes diassembled and in two parts.  It includes the 
ceiling string hanger with a length of string for adjusting how far down you wish 
to hang it.  Part of the mobile is a color facsimile of the album cover.  The 
other part is a black & white collection of unknown people with their eyes 
blacked out, keeping with the motif of "Who are you?"  This folds out into a 3-D 
device that hangs below the LP cover as the complete mobile.  Each part is 
about the size of an LP cover.

This mobile is in mint minus condition - our top grade for a used item.  It 
is fully complete and was probably either never issued or used, or very well 
taken care of by the previous owner.  This will make a nice addition to your Who 
memorabilia collection.

Price - $60 plus shipping


Issued by MCA Records to help promote Roger Daltrey's 1977 solo album "One Of 
The Boys," this limited ceiling mobile is a product of the promotions 
department of the label.  

These mobiles were issued to various record stores, usually only those of 
larger chains and more influential local stores.  Not all stores received these 
mobiles!  The store would then hang it up for a time to help promote the new 
album.  Not many of these mobiles were ever made - probably 1000 or less, and 
not many are even around today.

This mobile comes dissasembled and it folds out into a large three-sided full 
color mobile when fully assemebled. One side has the LP cover, another a 
color close-up of Roger's face, and the third the name of the LP in text.   Also 
included is the string hanger with a length of string with which you can adjust 
how far from the ceiling you would like to hang it.  Each side is about 12 
inches long

The mobile is in vg++ condition, our second highest grade for a used item.  
There are some small creases along the upper folding edge that will be hidden 
from view when it is assembled.  The outer edges are mint minus - our top 

Price - $60 plus shipping.

We have not had any Who promo mobiles to offer for quite some time.

Let me know if we can be of service to you.  Ask us for the recent Who list 
we did if you have not gotten it.

Greg Biggs/CVC Collectables

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