Live WGFA on radio

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Sat Dec 18 11:18:47 CST 2004

I found out what version of WGFA our local Baton Rouge classic rock station 
played the other day.  It wasn't Blues to the Bush, but RAH 2000.  My little 
clock radio must have been inadequate to hear both Noel Gallagher and Pete on 
guitar.  I should have known by the echo-ee thing he did right before the end 
synth break.  It was a dead give away and I missed it.  You can dock points from 
my Who IQ for that, especially since I have the VHS of that show and the 
double CD.


PS- Managed to replace our old, boring guitarist and finally find a permanent 
bassist for my classic rock tribute band, The Imposters.  It's gonna take us 
up a level or two, for sure.

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