Christmas (and other) Stuff

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri Dec 17 22:34:48 CST 2004

Um.  I'm sort of following up on some reviews I posted a couple of weeks 
ago, and I'm going to invest in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra this year for 
Christmas.  I'm not sure I'll like all their Christmas operas (have been 
listening to samples over at, but I'm going to have to have that 
heavy metal version of "Carol of the Bells" aka Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 
12/24).  I don't know anything about these guys.  Does that title mean it's 
a live track?

(Still waiting for The Who to release that live "My Generation" jam from 
2000, BTW.  I kept thinking I heard a rock opera forming up that year.)

Bare Naked Ladies Christmas album sounds good, too.  Anybody else investing 
for Christmas?

>From TSO, I've gotten sidetracked to Savatage, who also apparently do heavy 
metal rock opera--just not about Christmas.  Has anybody heard THE WAKE OF 
MAGELLAN?  Comments?  Reviews?  I think I hear Who influence here.


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