News from "The Bill"

L. Bird pkeets at
Wed Dec 15 22:11:57 CST 2004

"The Bill" is a UK crime drama that Roger appeared in a while back.  Here's 
a mention of it:


Born in East London, Murray enrolled at drama school because it seemed like 
"an easy option". "I couldn't get work at the docks because my father was 
Irish," he says. "The only way in was as a messenger boy, but I got the 

After graduating, he worked in theatre before moving into film and TV, where 
he often played the heavy. He was one of the thugs who beat up James Fox in 
the 1970 movie Performance and was just as hardbitten in McVicar, a 1980 
prison movie starring rock star Roger Daltrey. The film led to a friendship 
and Murray got Daltrey a role as a heroin addict on The Bill about five 
years ago.

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