Kenney Jones Interview

Bruce bkawak at
Mon Dec 13 18:55:29 CST 2004

> Empty Glass. "When Pete was recording 'Rough Boys,' I said, 'Ah, this 
> should really be a Who song.' There's actually a couple of songs on there 
> that I think should have been Who songs. But he said, 'Ooh, I don't know.' 
> I think I said the wrong thing, but I meant it.

He's not the only one that felt that way. :)  You take the best of Empty 
Glass and Face Dances and you have a damn good Who album.

 > To me, the most amazing part of this interview with Kenney, however, has
> nothing to do with The Who, but rather the Stones. I had no idea about 
> this amazing bit:
> It's Only Rock n Roll "Ron Wood would always call up just as I was getting 
> into bed at about midnight and say, 'Kenney, we haven't got a drummer.'

This session is legendary.  Kenney on drums, Woody played ALL the guitar 
parts, Willie Weeks on bass, Stu on piano, and Jagger, Woody, & David Bowie 
on backing vocals. Later on Richards claimng he was the guitar player in 
this band erased all of Woody's guitar parts except for the 12 string 
acoustic and dubbed his own in along with Taylor (at the time Woody was 
still in The Faces).


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