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L. Bird pkeets at
Sun Dec 12 19:55:12 CST 2004

This appears to be the same show with the Moon car restoration.  From

>>Roger Daltrey was on Top Gear TV program tonight. Jeremy Clarkson's hero
>or what? RD was the fastest driver on the test track in 'mildly moist'
>conditions since the program started a couple of years ago. Lots of Keith
>Moon stories about cars in ponds, and one story about being dressed up as
>a vicar as related at

>It was a good show, and Roger drove a superb lap. There was also a feature
where the Top Gear people have found five old classic cars in need of
restoration, and viewers have to vote to see which car gets done up. One of
them is a motor once owned by Keith Moon. Hopefully it will win.


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