four dead in Ohio

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> Like the style of music had anything to do with it. After Cincinnati it was 
> "rock's hiden death wish".  It's a lunatic with a gun.  At least there won't 
> be any trial and insanity plea. 24 years to the day that Lennon was 
> murdered.
> Bruce 

Exactly.  There is nothing about rock and roll or heavy metal that induces 
violent behavior beyond the inherent fights and/or jostling/moshing that might 
occur near the stage of an intense rock show.  It's like the parents of the 
insane kid who either killed himself or others (can't remember) because of Ozzy 
Osbourne.  A kid like that, just like this wacko who killed the people in Ohio, 
is just looking for a reason to do that, and he's gonna find it one way or 
the other.  Did we find some fault with Jodie Foster in regard to Hinkley?  I 
think not.


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