New York, Chicago, London or.....???

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Fri Dec 10 15:09:49 CST 2004

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> I think it must have been Blues to the Bush.  Def not CFNY because Roger's
> scream was actually good,

That surprises me, pleasantly.  After I replied I thought, it *must* be CFNY
because no one at the radio station has probably even *heard* of Blues to
the Bush.  I think B2B is a very underappreciated record.  Sure, it would be
better to have an actual concert with full setlist and banter, etc.  But
there's something about it being the start of something great; The re-birth
of *The Who*.  Like listening to those old Fillmore and Monterey boots.  The
beginning is always better than the end.  Plus, the tour that followed
really took a toll on Roger's voice, IMO.  Listen to how he sings Baba on
B2B compared to anything from CFNY.  He was still able to hit most of the
notes then.  Now he's going on guts.

Jim M

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