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Fri Dec 10 01:16:17 CST 2004

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> Possibly the Blues to the Bush version.  Could you tell if Entwistle was
> there?  Pete plays along with the final synth break, which I don't think he
> did as much in 2002/4.  At least not on the Encore CDs I've heard.  I
> suppose it could have been from the CFNY DVD, too.
> Jim M

I think it must have been Blues to the Bush.  Def not CFNY because Roger's 
scream was actually good, unlike the squealy girl scout scream from CFNY.  Pete 
also did play during the synth break at the end quite a bit.  Thanks for the 
info.  I think you nailed it.  I tried to call the station to ask where it was 
from but no one answered the listener line.


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