Four Dead in Ohio

Thu Dec 9 22:29:49 CST 2004

1. I read it was actually five who were killed in ohio. stop with the neil 
young stuff. ; )

2. could've been a guy who was so messed up from the presidential election 
that he'll basically kill anyone? this was ohio y know. kinda reminds me of that 
"taxi driver" movie. 

3. this month is the 25th anniversery of the who in cincinnati tragedy, this 
shooting happened on the anniversery of John Lennon's murder, and it was a few 
weeks ago in 2001 that george harrison died. plus, december 8th is also the 
birthday of Jim morrison. very "twilight zone" weird isn't it? the 8th is also 
sinead o' connor's birthday but, much to the delight of schrade (ha), she 
isn't dead yet. 

hope I don't sound too sarcastic in this posting (with the exception of the 
neil young crack). it's very unfair that they'll talk about the "danger of rock 
n' roll" but the fight that broke out at the vibe awards recently dosen't 
show "the danger of hip hop". perhaps these two musical genres have more in 
common than purists of both would have you believe. 

let's remember those who were killed and may our hearts go out to the 
families and good friends of them. 

I was never into pantera but have heard of them and seen the guy who was 
killed on and off. really a shame. 

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