Dead in Ohio

L. Bird pkeets at
Thu Dec 9 20:05:01 CST 2004

>>Still, this looked to be a serious grudge.

>I'm not so sure.  Witnesses said the guy fired into the crowd, too.

Right.  And was holding a hostage in a headlock who managed to squirm aside 
just enough for the cop to blast the guy with a shotgun. <sigh> I've read 
two or three reports and there are some witness statements coming through 
tonight.  One bystander said it looked like a grudge, but others don't seem 
to have reported that.  Here's a good article from VH1:

>Darrell, real name Darrell Abbott, was among the five people killed during 
>the incident. Also dead are the gunman, 25-year-old Nathan Gale of nearby 
>Marysville, Ohio; Damageplan bodyguard Jeff Thompson, 40; fan Nathan Bray, 
>23; and Erin Halk, 29, who worked at the club. Gale also wounded three 



P.S.  Bob Zilla the bassist wouldn't be the same guy who posts on O&S would 

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