Somebody make it stop !!!!!!

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Dec 9 19:23:13 CST 2004

> It sucks, but while I too really dig Cake, my wife is the real 'Cake-head.

What a man, huh, folks?  That'll earn you some extra points when you get
up to heav......well......let's award you those points here on Earth.

> Was out splitting and stacking some wood this evening until dark.  

Whoa!  Keep it clean.  Keep it clean.

> My little one (only 28 months!) dug the DVD out of the rack and brought 
> it to Mom with an emphatic "I wanto wacha de Whoooo."

You're making this up, right?  Keep us posted on little Ethan's Who-
development, OK?  He'll probably break your heart when he turns ten,
discards The Who, & gets into some band resembling Slip Knot.

OK.  I get to DJ at a club for about an hour this Saturday night (the Lime
Spider, Joe!).  What *one* Who song should I play?  Any would be
acceptable but I want something strong, loud, & upbeat.  Suggestions?
Not too long, either.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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