Somebody make it stop !!!!!!

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Thu Dec 9 18:52:35 CST 2004

>Bruce bkawak
>Subject: Somebody make it stop !!!!!!
>You can make it (JCPenney commercial) stop.  Turn off the TV. :)

"Unplug the drug."
We've already got our 28 month old in rehab.

>Joe Lewinski
>Subject: Somebody make it stop !!!!!!
>What LMLOTD lyrics did you have read at your wedding?

I had to go look at the lyrics to be certain.
We omitted the first verse, and simply had 2,3, and 4 read.
(pretty sure)

>Scott Schrade
>Subject: JCP

Yes, Schrae-schrae?

>I haven't even seen it yet!  WTF?!

It's all over CBS.
You're not missing anything.
Well, maybe some heart and head aches.

<shifting gears...>

So I found myself watching the Boston II DVD from 2002, last night.
It was pay-back night for me.
We had tickets to see Cake here in Burlington, but our sitter fell through
at the last moment, and I stayed at home with Jr.
Sitter also fell through for Sunday when Cake plays in Montreal.  I'll be
staying home then too.  It sucks, but while I too really dig Cake, my wife
is the real 'Cake-head.
Now I know how the wife feels when I go trotting off to see The Who with my
Who-nut friends.
Anywho....when I'm bummin', I generally like to watch The Who.
It's really cool to watch the little one get all into the show.
And, it was nice to hear Pino actually doing a good job filling in the bass
He's actually quite good when you can hear him.
Spotted myself a couple of times, but still haven't seen the 'zoom-in and
pause' on me that my friend says he saw.

Was out splitting and stacking some wood this evening until dark.  Came in
to find The Who Boston DVD again playing.
My little one (only 28 months!) dug the DVD out of the rack and brought it
to Mom with an emphatic "I wanto wacha de Whoooo."

That's my boy.

Kevin in VT

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