Sally, JCP, & Sync Holes

Scott Schrade schrade at
Thu Dec 9 18:34:24 CST 2004

Catching up.......

Re:  Sally Simpson

> So, I have to admit, while the Amsterdam version is just dreadful, it's only
> one version.  Are there other versions out there I should know about?


I'll have to send you a copy of the boot called REHEARSALS & SOUND-
CHECKS.  But the TOMMY stuff on it has an annoying high-pitched hiss 
throughout.  One of these days I'm gonna run it through my equalizer & tidy 
it up a bit.  Just listened to "Sally Simpson."  It's strong.  

> >  And interestingly, they shelved [Boris] for the '69'-'70 shows; maybe
> > to make room for other such pop gems as "I'm A Boy" & "Happy Jack."
> Is that tounge in cheek?  I thought those two songs worked *great* live.

No, I wasn't being sarcastic.  Don't worry!  I agree with you!

> I've had it!
> Can't stand the JC Penney commercials anymore.
> In fact...I hate them!


I haven't even seen it yet!  WTF?!  Tape it for me, OK, Kevin?


> Is there any reason things should look out of sync live?

Christmas Keets:

Sure!  If you're sitting way in the back, the sound takes an extra split second 
(?) to reach you.  Pete windmills, & half a second later you hear the sound.  
And you don't necessarily have to be super far away (ahem) to notice this.  
It's evident in, say, the pavilion seats, as well.

And of course, DVD & VHS releases can have dodgy video-sound syncs, 
too.  As good as the remastered TKAA DVD was, the video & sound weren't
synced up too precisely, IMO.

And as for Pete faking his guitar parts:  no way.  Maybe the dude heard the
acoustic guitar in the WGFA synth track & thought Pete was trying to pull
a fast one or something.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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