Roger on Pete's Petition

Garrett Jennings garrettjennings55 at
Wed Dec 8 11:55:27 CST 2004

I'm the person that started the petition to induct
Pete Townshend into the R&R HoF as a solo artist.  I
got inspired to do this after seeing Bob Seger,
Jackson Browne, and George Harrison all get inducted
last year, and I thought that even Townshend's solo
work alone was more impressive than those 3, coupled
with the fact that Townshend was the principle
songwriter for most of the Who's work.
Anyway, regarding Roger's name on the petition, the
interesting thing is that his email (which I have
access to as the creator of the petition) looks
authentic - I can't tell you what it is obviously -
but I emailed him to thank him for signing the
petition - I didn't get a response - but I got the
impression that it was at least someone that works
with Roger.  I started the list mid-2004 and already
have close to 900 signatures.  I'd like to get as many
signatures as possible and send it to the R&R HoF
induction committee.  It's received some good press
coverage recently - check out this site:
where they list the petition in their News section.
I assume everyone on this email list has already
signed it - but perhaps you could forward the URL onto
others that might like to sign it (that aren't on this
mailing list).  The URL once again is:

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