Somebody make it stop !!!!!!

Jim M NakedI at
Tue Dec 7 18:33:10 CST 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "O'Neal, Kevin W."

> How do you answer a wife who asks "well, how does that make you feel
> hearing Pete song....a song whose verses were read at our
> wedding...being associated with this noise pollution?"
> What can I say?

I'm pretty sure I won't have that problem.  I read verses from Dr. Jimmy at
my wedding.  No, no, no...I'm just kidding.  It was My Baby Gives It Away.

I actually haven't heard the ad that much.  Thankfully.  I've got to believe
it will only be around until Christmas, though.  Can you hold out until
then?  And, remember, it's better than when they record the songs with
alternate lyrics.  That hasn't happened to any PT songs yet, has it?

Jim M

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