Somebody make it stop !!!!!!

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue Dec 7 11:54:17 CST 2004

I've had it!
Can't stand the JC Penney commercials anymore.
In fact...I hate them!
The original commercial featuring Let My Love Open The Door, along with
images of warm and fuzzy family encounters was tolerable as far as Who
commercials go.
But, this abbreviated version flashing "SALE!" items and other retail
enticing shite, along with frantic announcer chick is just nauseating.
I can't stand to hear Pete's music in the background of this epitome of
blatant retail advertisements.
It's in bad taste.
I cringe.
And, it just plain sucks!
How do you answer a wife who asks "well, how does that make you feel
hearing Pete song....a song whose verses were read at our
wedding...being associated with this noise pollution?"
What can I say?
At first I tried to act accepting, but this latest abbreviated version
of the commercial is just soooo bad.
I cringe and then I....change the channel.

I'm all for getting paid.
But damn, it sure would be nice for *someone* in Pete's camp to make
sure that what his and The Who's music is being attached to is worthy of
respect and passes the "squirm and cringe" meter!

Hate it!
Make it stop!

Oh, and the answer I gave my wife to her question....
"I don't like it."

Kevin in VT

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