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Tue Dec 7 07:02:18 CST 2004

>From the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at:

"The Wheels on the Bus Video: Mango & Papaya's Animal
Adventure" (3 and a half stars)

Even though this video is geared toward children ages
1 and up, my 3-year-old kept asking to "See the bus?"
The story is based -- obviously -- on the infectious
song of the same name. As the bus travels all through
the town, to the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific,
the Los Angeles Zoo, the Underwood family farm and a
circus, Mango the monkey and Papaya the toucan look
for their home.

The puppets are nice and the site visits are
interesting, but the highlight is The Who's Roger
Daltry performing the voice of Argon the Dragon, the
bus driver. Laura Hall from ABC's "Whose Line Is it
Anyway" also gets music-writing credit here.

Parental warning: the computer animation may creep you
out a bit, but the kids will be so busy singing that
song that they won't care. 
-- Laura Pace

-Brian in Atlanta
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