Lifehouse Demo Tape Order

L. Bird pkeets at
Mon Dec 6 20:28:46 CST 2004

>From  Brian Cady posted this in a thread about WHO'S 
NEXT/LIFEHOUSE, and I thought it was very illuminating.  I just couldn't 
understand how Pete was planning to finish this up with "Song Is Over."  It 
seems he was planning to end with an anthem, after all.


>By the way, I found the exact track listing for Pete's 1971 demo tape of 
>Lifehouse in order. Here it is:
>1. Pure and Easy
>2. Behind Blue Eyes
>3. Love Ain't For Keeping
>4. Mary
>5. Gettin' In Tune
>6. Goin' Mobile
>7. Too Much of Anything
>8. Time Is Passing
>9. Won't Get Fooled Again
>10. Song Is Over
>11. Baba O'Riley (long instrumental)

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